Postnatal Yoga

The postpartum period (lasting up to 2 years after the birth of your baby) is such a vulnerable moment in the life of a woman. Sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, unprocessed birth stories, social pressure to go “back to normal”…all that while taking care of a tiny new human that is entirely dependent on you. Postnatal Yoga can give you the tools you need to reconnect with your body, renew your energy levels and navigate this incredible journey of transformation with grace and ease.

  • Babies are admitted in all my postpartum classes.
  • Collective classes are an opportunity for new mothers to leave the house, meet other women in the same situation and find support in a non-judgemental environment.
  • Postnatal Yoga practices include: movement and postures, holistic pelvic floor  work, myofascial release and other healing techniques.

Postnatal Yoga (english)

Thursdays, 11:00. GC De Kriekelaar, Gallait street 86, Schaerbeek, Brussels.

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Yoga postnatal (français)

A partir d’Octobre. Horaire et location (à Schaerbeek) à déterminer.

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