Hello, I am Estíbaliz, I was born in Spain but I am currently based in Belgium, where I live with my little family (partner, dog, daughter)/

I have worked for most of my life as an Occupational therapist, in different settings including humanitarian emergencies. Being an Occupational therapist is all about empowering others, typically people with disabilities, injury or illness, so they can live a life that is meaningful to them.

I soon became critical of the western biomedical model, which led me to study Anthropology, and curious about the empowering potential of the breathing and movement practices I was learning in my yoga classes. I decided to become a yoga teacher myself, connecting the dots and adding new interests as I move along in life: pregnancy and postnatal yoga when I had my daughter, perimenopause  yoga now.

I have studied different styles of yoga, both classical and contemporary, and I incorporate other sources of inspirations outside of yoga (natural movement, myofascial release, anatomy trains, restore your core,…)

My current missions in life include:   to spend more time outside in nature, to establish a daily meditation practice, to raise my daughter with love and awareness and to  to  become the best yoga teacher I can be.